We’re a new game development studio in an old whisky distillery warehouse in Glasgow, Scotland.

We’re a bit like that too, a mix of new and old. A blend, if you like and we’re growing our gaming roots.





You may have heard about a rhizome in biology once then forgot about it, the same day. A rhizome is cool because it’s always looking to grow and be useful, if a way is blocked it’ll grow somewhere else, if it’s separated into pieces, each piece can grow another plant. It’s hardy, provides stability and longevity which are good things to have when you’re a small business. So it’s a reminder for us to be more like a rhizome.

Also, a rhizome mostly does it’s thing underground before the plant, tree or vegetable pops up. We like that idea too. A lot can go into making a game before people see it. A process is necessary but no single process is the right one, so just like a rhizome we believe having flexibility in how we choose to build our games is important.




We’ve worked on other games before starting this adventure, here are some highlights:


Reverse The Odds – A Reversi/Othello style game on iOS/Android/Amazon where everyone who plays helps cancer research scientists analyse their data faster – useful crowd sourcing. It won things:

2015 Digital Emmy Award winner for Digital Program: Children & Young People’

2014 Nominet Trust 100 for social tech innovation






Wolfblood: Leader Of The Pack – Teenage angst wrapped into a platformer with wolves. You can still play it on the CBBC website if you’re in the UK. If not, there are other ways.








Swarm – For PS3 and XBox 360. An action platformer where you control 50 characters called Swarmites all at the same time. Get at least 1 Swarmite to the end of a level by navigating all 50 of them through a gauntlet of deadly hazards. Loads of these little blue dudes will die, often necessarily but you can replenish their numbers along the way. In the end, you discover that the Swarmites are being used to help feed ‘momma’ who is trying to grow big enough to fly off of the planet she’s on and take a new hat with her. It’s strange but wonderful.

There was a feature on the home screen where you could cycle through all the ways a Swarmite could die in the game, watch it here.





Scarface: The World Is Yours – Tony Montana. He never killed anybody who didn’t have it coming to them. He didn’t kill women or children either. But man, he killed, and he cursed a lot. In fact, this game holds the Guinness Book of Worlds Records for most swear words in a video game. Pete (Lead Designer) is going to write a blog post about this game and the sequel to Scarface that no one knows about, so stay tuned to the Bloggingly Wonderful page for that.










Dark Summit – This was the culmination of what was practically a career in snowboarding games for Pete. He worked on 4 snowboarding games in a row starting with ESPN Pro Boarder followed by MTV Sports Snowboarding, THQ’s Pure Ride then finally Dark Summit. Dark Summit was one of two snowboarding games along with Microsoft’s own Amped, showcased in the E3 Microsoft XBox launch booth.









NHL Powerplay 96 – The first game Pete ever worked on. It will forever hold a special place in his heart (along with everyone else who worked on it) as a genuine attempt to upstage EA Sport’s NHL series. It wasn’t as good, but it was a great start.