Game industry buzzwords

If there’s one thing the game industry loves, it’s a buzzword. E3 tends to dredge up over-used marketing hype, but occasionally we hear something new. Here are 10 we haven’t heard, yet: 1. “Includes more than 4 collectable unlockable 5-minute play tokens.” 2. “Now with procedurally gyrated hips.” 3. “Frame-locked and loaded.” 4. “This is the world’s first […]

Top 10 VR Ideas We Aren’t Making

Top 10 VR Ideas We Aren’t Making   Virtual reality is about to engulf us all (again), so here are our top 10 VR ideas that we currently aren’t working on: Rollercoaster Text Adventure Bug Finder 3D (Early Access) – Help the developers find bugs, in this game about helping developers find bugs while in […]