We’re excited to announce that Rhizome Games have contributed to two exhibits at the newly opened EPIC Ireland museum in Dublin, Ireland!

EPIC Ireland is a new, highly interactive visitor experience that showcases the unique global journey of the Irish people. It’s a high tech exhibition, located in the historic vaults of The chq Building in Dublin.

In collaboration with ISO Design, lead interactive designers for the EPIC experience, Rhizome Games worked on the interactive sports exhibit and the final, interactive postcard room.

The most exciting aspect of the work was developing on massive MultiTaction tablets. MultiTaction are known for creating the most responsive multi-touch displays in the world and used in award winning museums, business, retailers and in education. We worked with five 55” screens linked together for the sports exhibit and three for the postcard signing and display room.

The interactive sports exhibit allows up to ten people to interact with the multi-touch tables at the same time.


You can place a sport themed disk onto the surface of the table which triggers images and text to appear to pop out from it. You can then control selection of this text or images by rotating the disk that’s sitting on the surface of the table. Some of the content will trigger special 5-screen wide animations to play, taking over the entire display, which in-turn can trigger stop-motion style lighting in the room relating to the current sport you’re viewing.

When you first enter the museum you are given an EPIC passport that you can add stamps to at various points before using it to send a virtual postcard on your way out. When you enter the final room you can place your passport on another multi-screen display to gain access to the postcard writing exhibit. A selection of postcards are then attracted to where you placed your passport, you can then choose one you like and type or draw a message on the back of it. You can share the message to friends, and then send your creation to the big screen – hit a button, and your postcard will travel along the table (triggering more roof lighting) and magically appear on the huge wall display, which showcases everyone’s postcards in a big slowly rotating tornado of postcards.

The postcard table getting slammed by everyone’s favourite thing at a museum, school children!

If you find yourself in Dublin, Ireland, go to the EPIC Ireland museum and when you’re in the sports exhibit or drawing something magnificent on your way out, you’ll know Rhizome Games helped make it happen!