apple-touch-icon-180x180-precomposed.4367af8e8aa8“Loot Hound is a cute and casual RPG and the most realistic game I’ve played in 2015.” –  PC Gamer

cropped-banner13“The memorable mechanics and extraordinary charisma make Loot Hound such an easy recommendation. It settles perfectly between peaceful and exciting in a way that few casual experiences do and appeals far beyond that boundary.” –  Pixelated Paradise

bakgrunn og logo“Loot Hound impressed me with its audiovisual design, overall approachable and friendly aesthetic, and genuinely enjoyable exploration mechanics.” – Swamp Ascension Corporation

maxresdefault Gameplay highlights from YouTuber Draegast.

The Dogs


She’ll melt your heart and dig through stone. Her soft golden fur the perfect contrast to her jackhammer claws. She’s easily distracted so may need some training to help her concentration in the more established parks. 


A local restaurant owner thought he was a large rat scavenging in the back alley until a customer noticed his tag and brought him to the shelter. This little guy can get through a tight spot and is great at detecting with those big ears.

Mr Anderson

A proud dog who likes to keep order by being at the top of that order. He persuades others to get out of the way which is useful when dealing with other animals who have lost their natural fear of humans.

Go for a walk!

Take control of your dogs by extending, retracting and pulling on the leash when necessary. Your dogs can detect, track and dig on their own but will need your guidance to keep them out of trouble and stay focused.


Your dog’s skills can be upgraded. Bring a dog to the Crafting Kitchen and spend your Loot Points in the skill(s) of your choice. Do you spend the time to make one dog amazing at everything or do you specialize each dog? The choice is yours. .




People discard and lose things especially, as you have discovered, in the many parks in and around the city you live in. The sheer number of items buried under the weight of time is virtually limitless.

There are some people who see a great deal and some who see very little in the same things. You have the ability to find meaning in every object, no matter how mundane it might seem to others. The loot you find in Loot Hound unravels the nature and thoughts of your character.



Get Outside

With over 10 parks in and around the city from small to extremely large from a muddy backlot to a forested glen to a baseball field and a botanic garden there is plenty to explore, experience and make holes in!

Park Patrol

It takes a special person to join the Park Patrol. These minimum wage city employees enjoy the outdoors and protecting the rights of law abiding tax paying citizens. So if they spot dogs digging where they shouldn’t or if they are harassed in any way they won’t hesitate to send you and your dog home. Be wary.

Barren Park

Found all the treasure in a park? Beware of over-looting! Stick to one park too long and you may find that you’ve swept the place clean, rendering it Barren of Loot. However, the incessant littering of the general public ensures that Loot stocks will return to normal eventually, so why not visit some other parks in the meantime?

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