If there’s one thing the game industry loves, it’s a buzzword. E3 tends to dredge up over-used marketing hype, but occasionally we hear something new. Here are 10 we haven’t heard, yet:

1. “Includes more than 4 collectable unlockable 5-minute play tokens.”

2. “Now with procedurally gyrated hips.”

3. “Frame-locked and loaded.”

4. “This is the world’s first open-world MMO linearity simulator.”

5. “Optional VR crying support.”

6. “Featuring ultra-unrealistic 4k graphics.”

7. “We’ve cleaned our pixels and doubled their densology.”

8. “Our pixels are so dense only a living Scorpion can administer them to the human.”

9. “Offline boxed version now available in real life stores.”

10. “It’s the standardised, modular, portable, responsive, cloud-based, social, crowd-funded, open-source, cross-platform choice for diverse professionals like you.”