Top 10 VR Ideas We Aren’t Making


Virtual reality is about to engulf us all (again), so here are our top 10 VR ideas that we currently aren’t working on:

  1. Rollercoaster Text Adventure
  2. Bug Finder 3D (Early Access) – Help the developers find bugs, in this game about helping developers find bugs while in Early Access
  3. Find The Voxel
  4. Virtual Lecturer: Psychology 101 (Relax With HoloLens series – fall asleep in minutes!)
  5. Oculus Drift: Stranded At Sea
  6. VR Gallery: Augmented Reality Stories (a virtual reality art gallery containing photographs of people using and enjoying Augmented Reality applications)
  7. Virtual Matrix – The simulation pretends to take off and put on headset so many times you forget whether you are in or out of reality any longer
  8. Book Troll – Pick up and try to read a virtual book as an annoying demon occasionally knocks it out your hands
  9. Disorder Simulator – Choose from a selection of different distortion & disorientation presets
  10. Dinosaur Sex Simulator – No one talks about it but we all know they did it.

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t believe that VR is going to fail as it did in the 90’s. Someone will find longer term success this time around and we will see some really great applications come out of it. However, if there was ever a time to go ‘full gimmick‘ to get your game or app in the press then this is going to be a virtual heyday for developers willing to take it there. If anyone reading this would love to see Rhizome Games make any of the above ideas, or has some great ideas to add,  maybe we’ll run a crowdfunding campaign to see if we can make it happen. Let us know what you want!

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