We are excited to announce that we have been awarded a grant through the UK Games Fund!

The application


After the release of Loot Hound and our Epic Ireland collaboration, we hunted for new opportunities. The UK Games Fund was an exciting prospect as it could allow us to work towards our second project. The application process was significant but worth the effort as it encouraged us to form a robust strategy and analyze the PC game’s market in more depth than we may have otherwise (and should have for our first game). Whether we had won the grant or not, by approaching the application in a professional manner, it provided insight and experience that we wouldn’t have otherwise gained. Of course, we were extremely happy to be one of 22 of the 235 applications selected in the second round of funding, an invaluable award to small studios such as ours.


The playable demo


As of this writing, we are two months into creating a fully playable multiplayer demo of our new game that we will use to promote and help raise the remaining funds needed to develop it. We look forward to showing you what we’re creating and we can’t thank the UK Games Fund team enough for their support.


More info


A list of all second round UK Games Funded companies can be found here: http://ukgamesfund.com/funded-projects/

Also, for anyone interested we are happy to offer what advice and experience we have with grant applications such as this. Just send us an e-mail at info@rhizomegames.com or Tweet @rhizomegames